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ICICACO offers point as well as a broad set of solutions to some of the toughest challenges our clients face using an extensive set of services in the following four business areas. Retail / eCommerce, Healthcare, Showbiz & Media and DevOps We bring in the best of talents across consulting and IT services along with cutting-edge technology and complex system integration skills to deliver the best of the breed cross-functional solutions that spans multiple business and locations. You can find more information under the respective business areas below. All our Solutions, post-deployment, include a component of Managed Services and the Customers could opt-in for the same. This gives us an opportunity to stand by our solutions and provide Support for our Customers 24/7 and take up minor change requests in a record turn around time.
Retail and E-Commerce


ShowBiz and Media



At ICICACO, Services are the cross-cutting, cross-functional foundational building blocks of many a solutions and considered a holy grail of customer satisfaction. Services provide us an opportunity to exhibit our passion and innovation quotient, enrich the solution space with re-usable innovation and unique customer experience. All our services, especially the ones that are part of the solutions, comes bundled with a Managed Services component – post deployment that our Customers could opt-in. The Managed Services provide our piece of mind by providing a 24/7 support and to facilitate any of the minor change requests that may arise post deployment.
  • Consulting

    ICICACO offers a range of consulting services that include strategic business consulting and tactical IT consulting. Our Experts at ICICACO, partnering with industry SMEs are adept in helping the C-level executives and other senior management in formalizing the

    Business and Product strategy
    Business Plans / Go-To-Market sstrategy
    Planning and Forecast
    Roadmap elaboration
    M&A Integration and Technical due diligence
    Market Research
    Build Vs Buy
    User Experience & Human Factors Engineering (HFE)
    Program management
    Technology and Infrastructure Assessment
    Technology and Design Consulting
    IT blue-print and Roll-out
    Technology consulting

    Our clients include fortune 500 companies as well as early-stage startups where the impact and the need for consulting is high, in healthcare, retail, show-biz and media.

  • Product Engineering

    At ICICACO, Product Engineering is our second nature. We specialize the entire spectrum of Product Engineering and create formidable Engineering Alliances across Customers. Combined with our Consulting talents, we start early from the Concept – identifying and seizing the opportunity by developing Market research, Business Strategy, Product Strategy and work closely with the Customer to create a viable Product Roadmap and help manage the entire product development lifecycle from translating the Business requirements to Product & Non-Functional requirements, Release planning, Architecture and Design, agile construction, testing, deployment and operations with suffcient documentation. As part of the initiation phase, we do assess the existing design, architecture and infrastructure for re-use to bring down the total-cost of ownership.

    Post deployment, we do offer support the products and offer Managed services for deployed services.

    Product Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering

    At ICICACO, we embrace Cloud fully and almost all of our internal Computing is on the Cloud. We consume and provision Hosted Services across all three (Software, Platform and Infrastructure) service layers. We fully understand the key advantages and challenges the Cloud brings and our teams are fully adept in converting every challenge to the customer advantage. In addition, Virtualization, which powers Cloud is a way of life at ICICACO.

    We specialize in Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud provisioning using many of the existing service providers like Amazon, Google, Rackspace and hostgator; We also help our customers provision a virtual private cloud co-located or dedicated with thier choice of Virtualization. We help our Customers adopt a Cloud strategy and migrate their traditional platforms, applications and services as hosted services.

    Cloud Engineering
  • Integration Services

    Integration Services
  • Performance and Quality Engineering

    Performance and Quality Engineering
  • Data Sciences and Analytics

    ICICACO is a pioneer in Data Science and Analytics. At ICICACO, we offer a range of Data and Analytical services that help our Customers to gain insights into their data – that would empower them to make timely and valuable decisions.. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in the following Data Engineering
    Data Modeling
    Data Visualization
    Web Analytics
    Cross/Multi-Channel Data Analytics
    Omni-Channel Data Analytics
    Targeting, Personalization and Recommendation
    Guided Navigation
    Site Engineering
    Social Media Optimization

    Our team members are architects and authors of some of the best target engines and personalization servers in the world have published papers (Patent pending) on Targeting and Personalization.

    At ICICACO, our focus is on the data and its insights, not the size of the data, to enable and empower the Customers for a faster and accurate decision making. That said we do have extensive experience in Big Data. Our technological prowess spans several Map/Reduce and NoSQL technologies including Apache Hadoop, MapR, Hortonworks MangoDB, Cassandra, Amazon SimpleDB, Google Datastore and Sales Force

    Data Sciences and Analytics
  • Mobile & Social

    Mobile & Social
  • Build Engineering

    Build Engineering
  • Training

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ICICACO Corporation, founded in 2009, is a US – California based organization with a single focus to help our clients solve some of the challenges and tough problems using People, Products and Technology. Our philosophy is very simple and yet profound – “We believe, by striking a balance between people, products and technology, by adopting an agile execution style with a right set of light-yet-tight processes and methodologies with an optimum quality standards. we could progressively realise every vision and solve every challenging issue on time”.

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